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The Inspiration
I have always had an undying love for music. It first started when I was 12 and started playing guitar. I went on to study Music at college for three years doing both performance and production, where I found out that it was a lot harder to Mix and Produce music on the computer than I ever thought and I loved the idea of a new challenge! I quickly discovered Progressive Trance and Psytrance and instantly fell in love, with big inspiration from producers like 'Neelix, Fabio and Moon, Durs, Interactive noise' and many more. from there I went onto produce my own music. I had recently become homeless and could no longer get to be with bandmates so doing music alone on a cheap laptop in a hostel in Cromer really kept me going all along with the dream that one day I could produce and mix music that i feel would make people smile and dance as much as it had me in my toughest times. 10 years down the line in 2023 it really took off, I won my first DJ competition for 'Tearout events' for one of their weekender events. I also had won a couple of polls during this time securing me sets at local events in Norwich. but by far my greatest achievement of 2023 was winning a DJ competition for TRiBE oF FrOG to play at Nonstock festival midway through the year. where for the first time i was confident enough to play some of my own productions, Which went down really well! Music has always been a constant in my life and my main goals of producing and mixing is to help people forget there trouble though dancing, Just like the music had gotten me through many tough times in my life! I have emailed a video of my project and also sent a picture too (both on facebook and email)

The Genres


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