When my dad was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor i knew then and there that i would dedicate a part of my life to raising awareness about cancer. So Stomp 4 Cancer was born originally the idea was to do a DJ tour of the UK donating my DJ fees to local cancer charity but because of COVID-19 that had to be put on hold. So my team decided that i would do a 36 hour live recorded mix. Following the success of it we raised £1065. Now the stakes are getting higher as i attempt to do a 48 hour Live Dj Mix. This challenge will put my body and my mind on the line in ways that i have never experienced. I am super excited in that i will be joined by some of my favorite DJ’s who will be warming up the event in style. I hope you will all dig deep and help raise cancer awareness.
Thank you for your time and continued support Mike xxx
To donate follow this link:
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