After the success of the first Up & Comer Awards in 2020

We decided to make sure we continued year on year to support all up and coming talent in the music industry. We created the Up & Comer Awards so that we could honour some of the most amazing talent in the scene artists that dont always get the recognition they deserved. From the first event we did we had the support of some amazing young artist's who supported what we were trying to do and understood the concept. We chose from those artists four very special people to become ambassadors for the Up & Comer Award's year in and year out. The four artists here we are honoured and priveledged to say have agreed to be our ambassadors for the event.


Oliver iBot


A young DJ born in 2008 and already playing at huge events and festivals all over the country. iBot has shaken up the DNB world with his outstanding mixing and now producing. He is playing radio stations like KOOL LND with some of the biggest artists in DNB winning an award himself in 2021 we are honoured to have him as an Ambassador for The Up & Comer Awards.







DJ Ginge


DJ Ginge is a very talented DJ and has been into music since she was very young. She has done multiple private music lessons which is where she learnt to play instruments such as drums flute violin and guitar. Her love for drum and bass was influenced heavily by her family. Ginge plays a lot of Jump Up Drum and Bass because the energy that comes with it is brilliant for DJ Ginge as she has autism and has found this genre suits her energy well . After winning awards at the Up & Comer Awards in 2021 We are honoured to have her as one of our Ambassadors for The Up & Comer Awards.





BlindSided is a highly talented up and coming Drum & Bass artist who is truly an inspiration to us all. Back in 2014 BlindSided was having extensive laser treatment on his eyes unfortunately in 2016 he had a retinal detachment in his right eye which he had to have major surgery to correct - this surgery failed. After a few months and due to the nature of diabetic retinopathy his eye sight continued to deteriorate. BlindSided at the moment has approximately 10% remaining vision in his left eye and no vision at all in his right eye. After this happened BlindSided almost gave up but what really turned his life around was his young son Harry. Blindsided is a huge inspiration to Indulgence With A Twist and has given us the strength to push the brand to where it is through his own determination and outstanding dedication to music. We could not be more proud to have Blindsided as one of our Ambassadors for The Up & Comer Awards.


DJ Millz

MILLZ is an extremely passionate female Drum & Bass/Jungle DJ who has taken the UK by storm during summer 2021. She has grown up around music from a very young age with her father "Nicky Blackmarket" the D&B/Jungle DJ and owner of former record shop BM SOHO Nicky who is her biggest musical influence. With a hard working ethic she is determined to carry this through to the next generation and after winning an award herself at the first awards in 2021 we are so very proud and honoured to have her as an Ambassador for The Up & Comer Awards.

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