RSVP - Rape & Sexual Violence Project



About RSVP

RSVP are an award-winning organisation providing holistic trauma-informed innovative services for survivors of any kind of sexual violence. They work with children and adult survivors of sexual violence to cope with trauma and build wellbeing.


Empathetic Support Services

RSVP offer empathetic services to support and inspire children and adults of all genders who have been affected by sexual violence and abuse.

These services include:

  • One-to-one counselling
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy
  • Group support including peer support groups
  • Telephone helpline
  • Self-help resources including an online package of support
  • Specialist support for LGBT survivors asylum-seekers and sex workers.


Last year’s Wellbeing Outcomes

  • Last year we supported over 10 000 people.
  • 73% of survivors we supported in counselling said they had increased feelings of wellbeing & confidence
  • 60% of survivors we supported in counselling said they had increased abilities to cope with the effects of trauma
  • 71 % of survivors we supported in counselling said they now felt increased levels of hopefulness
  • 58% of asylum seeker/refugee survivors said they felt more safe following the counselling and practical support they received from RSVP
  • 65% of survivors supported by our Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy (ISVA) service said they were now more aware of the choices they had when going through the criminal justice processes



  • 1 in 5 Women (aged 16-59) have experienced some form of sexual violence
  • 1 in 10 Rape survivors are male
  • 1 in 20 Children have been sexually abused


Contact Us

You might feel nervous contacting RSVP for support. Everyone at RSVP appreciates this and will treat you with respect empathy and sensitivity. RSVP’s confidential services are delivered with compassion professionalism and humanity. RSVP are there to offer you the tools and understanding to enable you to overcome the effects of sexual violence and make positive meaningful changes for a hopeful and confident future you have been affected by sexual abuse you can access our free services.


Charity Numbers: 508669 & 1134387







Indulgence With A Twist Is Proud To Support RSVP

We want to raise money through our events to help and support this amazing charity to continue the work they do - please give generously

If you have been affected by rape or sexual violence - get in touch with RSVP - they will believe you!




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