Owner - Founder


Nickie started Indulgence With A Twist back in 2018. She decided to start the business to support her partner Pete as he was a DJ and felt he wasnt being treated fairly by promoters. As an Up & Coming artist alot of DJs play for free and thats ok if thats the agreement however Nickie felt artists were being taken advantage of and wanted to start something that would support these artists as well as her partner and ensure that every artist was treated fairly. 

The business has grown year on year even with Covid affecting everyone Nickie felt this time could be used as a benefit to really focus on the business provide live streams during lockdown to entertain housebound peoplewith a variety of multi genre musicand also to raise money for various charities. Nickie is huge advocate for the chariety RSVP (The Rape & Sexual Violence Project) in Birmingham and continues to support this chariety any way she can. 



Sound Engineer


Pete has been Dj'ing since he was 12 years old. He is a multi genre DJ and plays for the love of music. He is one of the founder's of Indulgence With A Twist and also Indulgently Twisted Events. Pete is a fully qualified sound engineer and since starting the business with Nickie his partner he has gone from strength to strength with his music and sound engineering. Playing for dozens of chariety streams during lockdown to raise thousands of pounds for various charieties and now starting Indulgently Twisted events and sound engineering at events such as The Apollo Theatre for artists like Morrisey Sam Ryder Ezra Collective Ed Sheeran etc and also engineering at festivals such as Winter Wonderland Land Beyond Teddy Rocks Epidemik Boomtown Illusive to name a few.


Website Developer - IT Guru


Tijn (a.k.a Hex/Hexagon) is dutch and lives near Amsterdam. Tijn got in contact with Nickie back in 2005 while doing live sets on the internet. Nickie and Tijn are both big Drum n Bass lovers - the connection was made really fast with the two of them and they have been best friends ever since.

Tijn has been messing with music since he was little. Mixing has always been a part of his life after he got introduced to an underground club at the age of 22 and learned how to mix on vinyl and has now moved to digital although sadly his music career never grew beyond it being a hobby but who know's what the future may bring for this talented individual as his dark bassy sets bounce!

Tijn's main work now is in IT as a web application developer and after seeing the limitations the previous website had he opted to build this very website from scratch with the outstanding result you are looking at now. We are forever grateful for all the hard work Tijn puts into the business and is a huge part of Twisted's core and as the business develops we hope we will be all be working on this one project full time. 




Senior Manager - Tech Guru


Wayne joined Indulgence With A Twist back in 2019 as an admin & tech guru helping Nickie & Pete run live streams build up the talent pool and giving advice to new and up & coming DJs that needed a technical hand with anything they were unsure of. Wayne and Pete have been good friends since 2000 with a love of free partying and trance DNB techno and generally all music. Nickie met Wayne in 2014 at a free party and was staggered at his abilities as a DJ and hugly admired the fact that Wayne only has one hand and could DJ better than a lot of dual handed DJs she knows. 

Wayne started djing in 2004 because of his love for free parties and harder styles of music. He wanted to be able to play the tunes he loved in the way he wanted. Wayne started off on vinyl which is his preferred choice to mix on but recently he has been dabbling in the digital world to keep things fresh. Wayne is one exceptional DJ who - with just one hand has never let anything stand in his way to play the music he loves. 


Admin - Promoter - Glitter Queen


Laura is an admin & events organiser for Indulgence With A Twist and has been with us since 2021 helping us build a strong pressence online and advising how to promote our own events to increase ticket sales. Laura is super talented in what she does not only as a promoter but working on her own events down in Cornwall and assisting record labels and consulting to increase revenue. 

Lauras day to day job is a make up artist and she does that at festivals all aroud the country plus private work for weddings birthday parties or where ever you may need her services. 

Laura aka Dollface has  just finished her second year as a DJ. Laura became a DJ by discovering she had natural talent after a Cornish festival when she had a go on some decks left over from a gig and played her first set at the factory Plymouth 3 months later.  

Laura is a huge part of Indulgence With A Twist bringing her huge splash of glitter sparkle glamour and fox furs to every event. 


Admin - Promoter


Becky joined the Indulgence With A Twist team in 2022 as an admin and promoter for the business. Becky has a wealth of experience within the music industry and is helping promote all our amazing artists. Becky scouts for new venues for events in her local area looks out for new talent to join the team and promotes all new and up and coming DJs. 

Becky has and is in pain a lot of thetime however she never lets this slow her down. She is a hardcore DNB fan loves to go raving when she is feeling well enough and listening to all the new talent coming through as well as the old skool classics. Nickie and Becky became firm friends after they both were going through a difficult time in thier lives and supporting eachother they will be friends for life. 

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