DJ Tech

The DJ

Underground Pioneer DJ Tech is a former member of the Legendary Exodus Collective Founder Member of 90s dance group MassTechP.A and owner of trail blazing internet radio platform Level1Radio.  Rocking Rigs since 93’ he has played at iconic venues such as BAGLEYS - (LONDON) Q CLUB (BIRMINGHAM) and CAESARS PLACE (LUTON). He Represents many major sound systems including EXODUS STS PENDULUM TEKNICAL DISTURBANCE and TUNNEL CREW to name but a few. From robotic dancer (80s) to Beat Jugglers band leader (present) Tech has always had his fingers in the musical pie.


The Music

Known in the game as The Tribaleditor DJ Techs performances take his fans on a rhythmic journey through upfront beats hard driven synths hypnotic melodies and ripping acid lines. Straddling styles from gritty techno to hard edged trance nostalgic Oldskool to tearout Jungle breaks his Festival Trance Techno style has found a home with underground ravers across 3 decades. His classic DJ sets and Live streams are still being listened to around the world.
DJ Tech holds a very special place in the hearts of underground music lovers nationwide. Since attending his first Spiral Tribe / Mutiod Waste rave at the roundhouse bus station in the late 80s up to the present day Tech hasn’t slowed down in driving his passion for music forward for the next generation of party goers. 

Dj Tech is also part of the amazing band 'The Beat Jugglers'. A few years in the making and featuring some of the pioneers of rave culture; Evenson Allen in his first ever collaboration outside of Ratpack Chicago based Fast Eddie the man who put ‘Acid/Hip House’ on the map with the iconic “Acid Thunder” as well as Natty Campbell part the Reggae Roast Sound System and Poetic Sun formally a front man of The Shabby Tinkerz this 9 track album sees a convergence of dance styles from ripping acid fuel trance techno hands in the air anthemic DnB to rough tuff vintage jungle and a cauldron of 90s rave nostalgia. Beat Jugglers have been sharing their unique blend of live dance music at festivals across the country and are raring to tour their new album as soon as the lockdown ends. Check links for their website and latest releases.



Also available on soundcloud

The Inspiration
“Hearing you you back in the 90s made me want to be a DJ” - numerous fans Tech - “Did I get away away with that?” Numerous Promotors - “You smashed the ** out of it mate!”

The Genres


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