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The Inspiration
From Jungle Days to Code Red Radio: The Inspirational Journey of C.S. GAS Introduction: C.S. GAS, a dynamic DJ duo consisting of Contagious Substance and DJ Sega, has carved a remarkable path in the world of drum and bass music. Their journey began with a shared passion for the genre, starting from the early days of jungle music. From managing a radio station to creating their unique B2B style as C.S. GAS, their dedication and love for drum and bass have earned them recognition and accolades, including code red radio being voted 3rd in the Drum and Bass Awards for consecutive years. This write-up delves into their inspirational story, highlighting their journey, accomplishments, and the driving force behind their success. The Birth of a Passion: Contagious Substance and DJ Sega's love for drum and bass music started during the pioneering days of jungle music. From the outset, the energetic beats and complex rhythms captured their hearts, and they were drawn to the raw, underground sound that became the backbone of the drum and bass genre. Founding and Managing a Radio Station: Fuelled by their passion for drum and bass, Contagious Substance and DJ Sega took their involvement to the next level by managing a radio station. This endeavor allowed them to connect with the thriving drum and bass community, curate fresh sounds, and promote up-and-coming artists. Their relentless dedication and hard work earned them a loyal following, establishing them as integral figures within the drum and bass scene. The Birth of Code Red Radio: As the radio station flourished under their management, unforeseen circumstances forced the owners to close its doors. However, instead of allowing this setback to deter them, Contagious Substance and DJ Sega saw it as an opportunity for something greater. With unwavering determination, they founded Code Red Radio, a platform that provided drum and bass enthusiasts with a fresh space to explore new sounds and connect with like-minded individuals. Unique B2B Style - One for One: One of the defining aspects of C.S. GAS's performances is their unique B2B (back-to-back) style. The duo's chemistry and understanding of each other's musical preferences enable them to deliver an electrifying set, where each DJ takes turns to play a track, creating an exhilarating and spontaneous experience for the audience. This unplanned approach allows them to feed off each other's energy, resulting in seamless transitions and an unforgettable performance every time. Recognition and Success: C.S. GAS's dedication and talents have not gone unnoticed. Their exceptional performances and contributions to the drum and bass community have earned them the respect and admiration of fans and peers alike. This recognition culminated in their remarkable achievement of code red radio being voted 3rd in the prestigious Drum and Bass Awards for multiple years, solidifying their position as influential figures within the genre. Conclusion: The inspirational journey of C.S. GAS, fueled by their passion for drum and bass music, showcases the power of dedication, perseverance, and a genuine love for the art form. From their early days as avid listeners during the jungle era to the founding of Code Red Radio and the unique B2B performances as C.S. GAS, Contagious Substance and DJ Sega continue to be a driving force in the drum and bass scene. Their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unforgettable experiences for their audience has cemented their place as prominent figures in drum and bass music.

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