Dizzy first started raving in October 1991 then was involved with local pirate radios stations Unity 88.4 and Shakedown and then Conflict. And started hosting for Electrybe in about 1993. Diz created The Rave Archive in 2010 after he realised he had a huge amount of old tapes that like minded people would like to get their hands on.

As well as Rave Archive Dizzy manages many other Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for artists events and labels including his own page. Rave Archive supplied the rave audio for The Junglist Soldier. This was a documentary examining the life & times of one of the most talented loved & respected MC's UK has ever produced - Stevie Hyper D. It is no secret that Stevie was and still is Dizzy's hero from the rave scene and he now helping keep his legacy alive. 

Dizzy wanted to get involved with the Up & Comer Awards for the same reason he has always done stuff like zoom dance etc. Dizzy likes to hear new artists and different styles and selection and musical journeys because everyone hears and expresses things differently.



Ammy Jassal


Ammy aka Paradox is one of the pioneering DJs of the early Jungalist / D movement Ammy is a veteran DJ of the south coast and started DJ'ing in Martines in Eastleigh when he was 14 (circa 1984/7).

If you ever went to nappy night or jelly and ice cream night (or whatever you called it (Under 18s nights) then it was probably Ammy spinning the tunes. He was into hip hop and electro and used to be into breaking back then as well. BOWER From there he moved onto the hardcore scene! with DJ sets for huge events such as Fantazia Raindance Obsession & Sterns (circa 89/92) that was when he met and joined forces with Anil Sood of PARADOX  who runs tripp2 records soon becoming a Jungalist Soldier and started on the Rn scene with the likes of DJ Flash and FIRIN' SQUAD !

Having met so many great DJs and MCs in the scene Ammy is glad to say that he is torn between the scenes as it means you will see him at a DnB event Hardcore RnB House Garage and many more. Ammy is a regular legend on the local music scene still going out to play most nights still DJ'ing everywhere (not just a dnb hardcore).

Ammys Words 'If you see me come say hi ok its people like you who made me what I am i'm not an arrogant or stuck up dj not like most of em! jokes aside I'm just a dj after all! playin what you guys ask me to!

We at twisted are great friends with Ammy and he is always an inspiration to everything we do - he is a huge source of information with regards to planning and we had to have him as part of  the Up & Comer Awards as he is a veteran within the scene and will ensure all genres are judged fairly. 



Brian Williams

After a successful comeback 5 years ago Buzz-B supported the likes of Amc Hedex Ragga Twins King Yoof also Headlined with ego Trippin to name a few. Buzz-B also has residences with the likes of Bass Invasion Bass Odyssey Strictly Soulful Submerged Nest collective and also a regular MC with JungleCakes.

Since Buzz-B's comeback in 2018 he has helped and given guidance to alot of up and coming artists and being a inspiration to alot of people in our music scene so im not just a host/mc it's all about what you bring to the table I'm different from the rest the stage is my hive.

Buzz-B has honored us by being part of  the Up & Comer Awards as he has a huge interest and passion for supporting Up & Coming talent in the scene. 



Caroline E-Lisa


E-lisa is a DJ producer singer and songwriter who is definitely showing her presence on the drum and bass scene right now. Her debut release titled “Survivor EP” gave her the attention of Ray Keith of Dread Recordings and she was quickly snapped up.

With her debut EP getting to the top 5 in the charts she’s is due to release her full album with Dread next year. Not only is she a producer but a singer/songwriter with 6 tracks already aired on BBC introducing as a featuring artist. She has the ability to write produce and vocal all her own tracks and this is where her talent shines through.

She has had some big collaborations with artists such as Ray Keith (Dread Recordings) & Covert Garden (Ram Records) For 2023 she has releases lined up to release on Liondub international and is about to tour the UK with renegade live. She has represented on the decks for the likes of Viper recordings & Dread Recordings and has performed all over the UK and Europe as many major clubs and venues.

Caroline has been involved from the start with The Up & Comer Awards and is a huge advocate for up & coming talent and a massive support to us here at Twisted.



David George



Michael Steward



Oliver Phillips


IBot began mixing and teaching himself production at the age of 6. IBot was offered his first radio residency at Life FM when he just turned 11 and has been there ever since. IBot was also a resident DJ on the old Kool London until it recently changed hands. IBot had his first official release at the age of 12 and by 14. IBot was signed to Formation Records by DJ SS and he has had other releases on alternative labels and recently was asked to remix a track for Dope Ammo and DJ Rap and his music has featured on Ray Keith’s radio shows.

Ibot has been playing the nightclub and festival circuit since the age of 13 and been on the stage with some of the top DJs in the scene. IBot often uses 3 or 4 decks to play and has gained a huge name for himself as an amazing young artist and a really successful Up & Comer himself. IBot won an awrds at the Up & Comer Awards 2021 and is not only a judge but also an ambassador for The Up & Comer Awards. 

IBot thinks the awards are a good opportunity to show new talent that would normally remain unseen and being young himself he thinks he can show other kids that you can get somewhere if you work hard and stay humble. 



Richard Morpheus



Trevor Lawrence



Wayne Witnal




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