Pete Barber Sound & Lighting Engineer



Build • Team Leader/Supervisor • Boomtown
Sound/Lighting • Head Technician • Winter Wonderland
Sound/Lighting • Sound Technician • Encore
Sound/Lighting • Sound & Lighting Design • Apollo Theatre
Sound/Lighting • Sound Technician • Land Beyond

Pete has worked many other festivals including Teddy Rock Illusive etc. and he has 20+ years of experience at various raves plus running our own events through Indulgence With A Twist and Twisted radio.

Fully Qualified Sound Technician

De Montfort University - Leicester
• BA in Music Production & Sound Engineering
• BS Music Science & Sound Design & Synthesiser.


Pete has a passion for music that spans every genre. Pete has become a sought-after professional in the music industry. He has worked at numerous festivals and theatres across the UK bringing his expertise and creative energy to every project he works on. Pete has built a reputation as a skilled and dedicated professional who is always exploring new and innovative ways to create and enhance the sonic landscape of every project.


Pete is a co-founder of Indulgently Twisted Events. We started the business back in 2018 and used COVID as a good opportunity to really get our business plan into place so we could elevate the business to new heights. We have since started several new projects and intend to expand the business within the next two years.



Colin Munday – Hillbilly Acoustics – 07596 331935

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