The DJ

Resonate is a 25 year old Drum and Bass DJ from Eastbourne. He started off as a bedroom livestream DJ at 18 mixing on a two channel controller. After 3 years of practising and falling in love with Drum and Bass he starting attending open deck nights at local clubs. 


The Music

Slowly he started to hone his craft and began getting booked at bigger clubs in Brighton. Having played at Volks Patterns and The Arch he now is a resident for Bass On The Beach and Distorted Records and features on Rough Tempo Radio alongside manager of Distorted Records - AFR. Now armed with an almost club standard set up at home nothing seems to be in his way. Resonate specialises in Deep Minimal Heavy and Techy Rollers anything from Alix Perez to Alibi to T>I but can also draw for the liquid and commercial Drum and Bass.

The Inspiration
Early on Resonate was heavily inspired by Andy C. He attended as many Ram raves as he could just to appreciate and learn how to mix in that style. Nowadays Resonate is heavily influenced by Kasra (Critical Music) and Alix Perez (1985 Music). His dream is to play at Fabric alongside some of his favourite artists.

The Genres


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