The DJ

When Emgee was at school he used to buy jungle records with pocket money and play them on his mum's single deck hifi.  Emgee had no idea about DJing at all he just used to love the music. He remembers being the only one in his class listening to Harcore Jungle. Emgee's Dad started running a pub in Brixton and he had decks in there... That's when the love affair started 1994.  Emgee self taught himself on those dusty belt drive all in one disco turntables in the mornings before the pub opened he wasn't allowed to play in the day because it would scare the punters lol - RIP DAD. 


The Music

Emgee spent most of his childhood in record shops buying Jungle and Reggae luckily he had a few friends that had decks so he was always able to rinse out someone's electric mixing for hours.  Eventually Emgee was given opportunities at different times to play on pirate radios and raves which he did for a number of years.  Emgee did make music in the late 90's early 2000's it was dark stuff probably what would be Neuro now ( Emgee is a dark one at heart). Bringing him to his playing style which is dark hard hitting rollage with a sprinkle of jump up. Emgee had a massive break from the scene due to work (10 years or so) until a good friend of his told him about 'Next Hype' and that he should enter the competition's which he did and won a set. After that Emgee became a resident in 2016 and played regularly. Emgee bit the bullet and finally bought himself his first pair of decks and started entering more competitions and winning more sets. Now Emgee is back on this journey so who knows where he will end up.

The Inspiration
Emgee's inspiration comes from his friends that he has had for years telling him that he is a good DJ but he never really believed it..... so now he is trying to do them proud finally.....

The Genres


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