The DJ

Kali is Midlands born. She first got into dnb in early 2000s after picking up a One Nation tape pack. She started hitting any local raves and yearly festival Global Gathering ..... always firmly rooted in the Accelerated Culture tent!! Kali always wanted to DJ she felt like dnb was a genre she instantly connected to - so she bought a vinyl set up in 2006. Kali Messed around with it for a few months but never really had the confidence or self belief to push herself forward with it so didn’t touch mixing again until November 2019 when her brother came to visit and got her to have a go on his controller. He told Kali that she has a 6th sense for the selection because when she was mixing with all his tunes which she hadn’t really heard before and smashing it first go in the mix.


The Music

This gave Kali the confidence to start again and she got her first set out in December 19 the very next month but playing 140. Had a few more 140 sets off the back of that and then Kali's first dnb set was for a Hospitality Pre party event in her local town. Kali loves to DJ 140 as well and first got into dupstep when Benga’s Diary of An Afro Warrior came out. Kali loves the diverse sounds within 140. 

I asked S.W.I.D - why this name - 'My name is Carly I really wanted my DJ name to be Kali like the Hindu goddess of death and creativity. But there is already a 140 & DJ producer called Kali.... So I did a bit of research and found out that another name Kali went by was 'She Who Is Death'  so yeah I went with S.W.I.D

The Inspiration
All the Bloc2Bloc ladies - seeing them smash it on a daily gives Kali the confidence and inspires her to push forward. Since being more involved in the scene, Kali has met some talented DJs such as Jaded, Lucidik, Prosek and Skesa, who all have really supported and inspired her.

The Genres


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