DJ Ginge

The DJ

DJ Ginge was born in Harlow Essex and spent part of her life there and then moved to Cambridgeshire DJ Ginge has been into music since she was born and has done multiple private music lessons which is where she learnt to play instruments such as drums flute violin and guitar.

Her love for drum and bass was influenced heavily by her family . She didn’t explore it more until she hit 16 which is when Ginge was in college . DJ Ginge plays a lot of jump up drum and bass because the energy that is comes with is brilliant and DJ Ginge has autism so she found this suits her energy well .

I'm a drum and bass head who loves her jump up with a slight twist. I can play multi genre however drum and bass is my preference.I learned to mix on six decks at the age of 20 and still continue to use six when ever I can .

Ginge has performed at places such as Next Hype Ministry of Sound Rough Tempo and Innovation.

Ginge had the pleasure of opening for Turno on his DNA tour at the age of 19 and also performing with Eksman and Dreps at the age of 21 .

Ginge has always loved her music but could never play an instrument without a problem and then she discovered another way to play music - Djing!

Ginges health has had a massive impact on what she could do for a job which made her change her options of what she wanted to do in life. Once Ginge started college she knew that she wanted to go into DJ'ing and Music Production.


The Music

DJ Ginge was scouted in college by promoters looking for djs for their event in Peterborough. This was her first gig and she had just turned 18 - Magistrate and Dreps were the headline act.

It was deffo an experience she had no idea what she was stepping into but it was brilliant for her. DJ Ginge made loads of connections with plenty of DJ's and MC’s who she works with a lot to this current day .

DJ Ginge was shown a few things by a close friend - some techniques for mixing drum and bass as well as sub genres such as jump up rollers and liquid. This is where she found her genre that she enjoys mixing the most. The first radio show DJ Ginge got to play on was Rough Tempo on Tripsta’s show on a Tuesday and many more followed after such as Jumped Up Audio on Rough Tempo Intense Flavours and Bellyman show on origin and lastly code red.

In terms of events DJ Ginge got to play at detonation multiple times Xcentric events and Skirmish which she now holds a residences with and multiple other events as well up and down the country which she is very grateful for.




Also available on soundcloud

The Inspiration
DJ Ginge's inspiration for her work has came from people such as Turno , Hedex, Guv, AMC and upgrade. Turno has been her main inspiration the work ethic , the mixing and everything he stands for has inspired her . DJ Ginge first got a glimpse of on a set in Belgium which is watched on youtube . He was on a b2b set with Logan d and upgrade at rampage , DJ Ginge has been hooked since . She then got to witness the master him self in Nottingham , he completely change her way of djing and producing in a way she never thought she could dream of. Hedex has highly inspired DJ Ginge with his production work as his sound design in production is incredible and she always wanted the mixture of both hedex and turno so she has incorporated that into her djing and production . She is forever thankful for the day Turno surprised her at her home for her 19th birthday and getting to watch himself and Hedex play b2b at print works - it was honestly a dream day for her, meeting both of them and talking to them really completed her birthday so she will always thank them for the hard work and the inspiration they give her everyday that pushes her that little bit further.

The Genres


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