The DJ's

Shadre & Salvage are two Drum & Bass Producers hailing from the North West United Kingdom. No strangers with in the Drum & Bass Community the two have been homing their craftsmanship for several years as a duo but their stories and background reach further afield. 

From a young age Shadre has been influenced to shape a career in the Drum & Bass scene. From being exposed to various styles of Electronic Dance Music dating back to the early 90s including Trance Garage and Hardcore Jungle his music certainly highlights the new age of Drum and Bass whilst staying true to the roots that inspired him as much as possible. From his home town of Wigan he has remained consistent with his Music Production studies and practice over the years by taking part in highly regarded Diploma and Degree courses. Once his signature sound started to develop Shadre began to seek feedback from the various artists and label owners. It was at this point when Shadre and Salvage were first introduced to each other which sparked a very close net friendship. 

Salvage well known for his label 'Short Circuit Records' started his career over a decade a go. During his Music Studies he was known for putting on some of Manchester's biggest Drum & Bass Parties under Oh My God! & Energy back in 2010 with a Friendly team of local Drum & Bass Enthusiasts. This lasted for many Years and during that time strong connections with other Artists started to flourish. Salvage was a resident on Unity Radio 92.8fm and ran a frequent Drum and Bass show every Thursday from 21:00 / 23:00 featuring many guest DJs and MCs. In 2013 Salvage decided to leave the Event Organizing behind him and to pursue his original love in Music Production. It was around this time when he decided to launch his own label Short Circuit Records and has featured artists such as Recon / Rowney / Konichi / Supreme Being / Saxxon / Subview / Skore / Klay plus many more over the years and has gained much support from some of the industries heavier hitters. 


The Music

It was in 2014 when Shadre first linked with Salvage. The two met on a night out and were introduced to each other. Salvage had already heard some positive feedback from other people with regarding Shadre and the two immediately hit things off. Shadre at the time showed great promise and Salvage was keen to get something signed from him. After nearly a Year in the making Shadre's first EP release titled 'Bounce With The Riddim' would drop on Short Circuit Records in 2015 and received some amazing support. 

Not long after Shadre & Salvage's friendship grew stronger. They started DJing on nights out back to back with each other and it felt natural. They both share similar tastes in styles and express their love for all things Drum & Bass. This can be heard in how diverse their sets can be but still have enthuses on the more energetic darker vibes.

In 2017 Salvage dropped his first Single on G13 Records with 'Don't Stop' . Running up to that Shadre & Salvage had made it a religion to be meeting up at least one day a week to work on Projects together lay down new ideas and general have some fun with Sound Design. This wasn't intentional it happened naturally. Shadre & Salvage quickly realized that their own personal weaknesses are resolved by the other persons strengths. Together they are a formidable team and it can clearly be heard in their most recent Music today. 

In 2018 and through out 2019 they dropped their first 5 Track EP together with Time to Shine Vol 4 on G13 Records and since then have had singles on other labels such as Short Circuit Switch Recordings Bagged & Tagged Diamond Audio Certifeid plus many more.

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The Inspiration
With forthcoming material in the works on Grid Recordings, Zombie Recordings, G13 Records, Calypso Musak through out 2020 they have already received and continue to receive great support from acts such as Hype, Hazard, Rowney & Propz, Saxxon, Rene La Vice BBC Radio 1 Xtra, Fabio & Grooverider, Twisted Individual, Nicky Black Market, Subzero to name a few. Firing on all fours. 2020 is shaping up to be an highly anticipated year for the duo as they continue to grow from strength to strength as a partnership. An act you don't want to miss.

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G13 Records
Grid Recordings
Short Circuit Records
Zombie Recordings
Bagged & Tagged

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